rotormota 10:12 21 Nov 2003

My standby feature is not working properly. It does one of two things:

1. Click standby. Screen says preparing to standby but pc freezes up & a reboot is required.

2. Pc does go into standby but bringing it out of this mode results in no picture on the monitor with the message no signal available. Once again a reboot is required.

Any ideas?


  MichelleC 12:02 21 Nov 2003

Try running a sfc. What os r u?

  rotormota 12:14 21 Nov 2003

sfc? WXP

  A_World_Maker 12:19 21 Nov 2003

assuming your computer supports 'standby' or 'hybernation' have you tried looking through the BIOS setup to see if both the BIOS and Motherbaord support these modes?

  A_World_Maker 12:23 21 Nov 2003

sfc= System File Checker, it makes windows check all its system files to see if a newer version has been installed, or an older one is registered in the registery. Upon each file found that is conflicted, it will give you the option to use the existing or register the newer one. Always check each file shown on the screen, for version number and date, before deciding what to do. If you find a programme has installed an older version of a file, you can tell the programme (sfc) to reinstall the original, and you will need to have the OS cd-rom in the drive and point it to the windows (win98 for 98, I386 for XP), for it to do so. Don't be tempted to use the 'yes to all' function, as this may overwrite newer versions from any updates you have installed.

  rotormota 12:45 21 Nov 2003

Standby & hybernation have woked in the past but at the moment they are not so where do I find sfc?

  A_World_Maker 12:52 21 Nov 2003


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