standby problem with SP2

  Malcolm10 21:53 19 Jan 2005

Hope you can help

Have computer which operated standby with no problems with XP. Sucessfully loaded SP2 but only problem seems to be that standby no longer works.

Any ideas how to fix it.


  Jackcoms 22:20 19 Jan 2005

Have you checked your standby setting?

Go to Control Panel; Appearance & Themes; Display and click the Screen Saver tab. Then click on Power. Under Power Schemes choose your power/standby settings. Have a look under the Advanced and Hibernate tabs whilst you're at it.

  Malcolm10 06:04 20 Jan 2005

Thanks for this, but the settings seem correct and it still will not go onto standby.

Settings are set as:
Power Scheme on home/office desk
Turn off options both on never
System standby on after 30 mins
and system hibernates on never

Any more ideas?


  Jackcoms 09:51 20 Jan 2005

Try altering the turn off options for your monitor and hard disks to, say, 15 mins and 25 mins respectively.

They will not physically turn off but they will power down and 'sleep' (and wake up again when you waggle the mouse). Keep your system standby at 30 mins for now.

It may also be worth enabling hibernate. I have mine set at 3 hours so that my PC hibernates overnight (when I'm in bed!).

  Stuartli 10:00 20 Jan 2005

If you do a Windows XP reinstallation, early on there is a choice to press F6 for Raid Controller enabling - instead press F5 and select, from the menu, ACPI PC configuration.

You will probably have to reinstall SP2 as well.

I had this problem (Hibernate would work closing down but not for rebooting) which can occur with older motherboards, even though Power Management was enabled in the Bios.

I can now use Hibernate or Standby as intended with XP Pro.

It's not something I've discovered, but a tip in issue 115 of PC Advisor on page 132. Made life a lot easier...:-)

  Malcolm10 18:52 21 Jan 2005

Great, problem seems to be fixed.

Finally can anyone tell me what the main difference is between standby & hibernate


  Jackcoms 20:50 21 Jan 2005

Standby - A state in which your computer consumes less power when it is idle, but remains available for immediate use. While your computer is on standby, information in computer memory is not saved on your hard disk. If there is an interruption in power, the information in memory is lost. It can be brought out of standby by waggling the mouse, for instance.

Hibernate - A state in which your computer shuts down after saving everything in memory onto your hard disk. When you bring your computer out of hibernation, all programs and documents that were open are restored to your desktop. The PC actually powers off and must be re-activated by pressing the on/off switch.

  Malcolm10 07:53 22 Jan 2005

Thanks for all your help. Much appreciated

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