Standard school computers/laptops?

  Mysticnas 17:42 24 Jan 2004


Just wondering what is the standard specification of school computers and laptops these days?

Basically i'm developing some software in colaberation with a local school. However, i think the equipment the school has is probably above normal spec.

So just a standard question, if there are any secondary school students on here, could you give me an example of the standard computer supplied at your school. For instance is it a Pentium 2/3/4, AMD? how much ram, hard drive and what operating system does it run.

Thanks all.

  Sir Radfordin 18:18 24 Jan 2004

Can I just suggest that anyone who do post to this thread (or indeed any other) is very careful about giving specific information.

Whilst I'm sure users of this site are genuine, given the press coverage and events of the last few years it is worth remembering that there are people who use the Internet for criminal purposes.

If you do post may I suggest you give no indication of your age, or location and certinally not the school you are a student at.

I am sure Mysticnas request is genuine and am sure there are people who can respond.

I know several teachers/school employees who I will speak to and see if I can get some info for you.

  VoG II 18:50 24 Jan 2004

click here will tell you something about their age etc. which may help.

  10to2 19:19 24 Jan 2004

As an alternative to renting PCs , I was asked to quote for building five machines for the Primary school my wife teaches at.

After contacting the Education Authority's IT department for advice I supplied the machines with the following spec :

MSI motherboard - MSI6378 - Onboard sound and graphics.

AMD 1.3 GHz Duron

256 Mb Ram

DVD Rom Drive

Floppy Drive

Ethernet Card

20 Gig HDD


Keyboard & Mouse

17" Monitor


As budget was always a consideration I costed [No labour charges] the five machines for £1500 and came in a little below.

The Education Authority responded with an IT guy to get the system running on the existing Broadband network and everyone is delighted with the setup.

  Mysticnas 20:01 24 Jan 2004


good point.

I should have specified that i am not interested in anyway of your age or any personal details what so ever. I do not wish to know your where abouts or what school you go to at all.

The only information that i require are basic computer specs of secondary school computer.

The basic specs would be CPU, RAM, hard drive size and if it has a CD-ROM drive. That is all that is required.

If there are any others like 10to2 that have sold, built computers for schools that can post that information i would be very grateful.

Thank you.

  Mysticnas 20:10 24 Jan 2004

reason for this post is because the school that i am building the software for is basically quite fortunate in their ICT dept. They have around 40 laptops all with the lastest software and good specs that can be booked out for classes and an IT lab with P4 desktop computers and GF4MX graphics cards and stereo speakers.

I do not believe this to be the standard spec for computers in secondary schools.

I just wanted to get a general idea.

  Rogerfredo 20:42 24 Jan 2004

If you look on Research Machines website, you will see the specs they commonly supply.
RM seem to be the popular supplier in my area (Leics.)
We operate Windows XP on our machines with Office 2002. (Secondary school)

  Mysticnas 21:35 24 Jan 2004

Are you a teacher by anychance???

If so it'd be great if would be allowed to ask you some questions regarding ICT and whether or not it has improved the overall outcome. Attention spans, behavior, and grades.

  fred 21:44 24 Jan 2004

We've hired PIII celeron 600 laptops for three years and found them sufficient for our needs ( Woed, Excel datalogging etc. ) and will buy them for £150 each at the end of the lease as they serve the purpose well.

Desktops range from P11 to PIV and , given enough RAM, seem to cope if slowly.

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