Standalone Firewall

  mick 47 22:10 23 Nov 2005

Dear Colleagues

I note that Lavasoft are retailing a standalone firewall - can anyone say if this would conflict with the standard Windows firewall.

Mick Cowan

  Totally-braindead 22:16 23 Nov 2005

Any firewall you install will conflict with the Windows one if the Windows one is on, all you have to do is disable the Windows one and use the one you prefer. I for example use the free Zone Alarm one.

  Totally-braindead 22:19 23 Nov 2005

Sorry maybe should have made this a bit more clear rereading what I said. You can only run one firewall at a time, same as with antivirus. If you try to run two programs to do the same thing at the same time you will end up with no end of problems. You can use the Windows one OR you can use another one. You CANNOT use both at the same time. If you wish to use another make of firewall you must disable the Windows one.

  Stuartli 22:25 23 Nov 2005

There are many "stand alone" firewalls, free or paid for, but ZoneAlarm's free version does everything the majority of home users require.

The latest version has just been released. See:

click here

As pointed out by Totally-braindead you will need to Disable the Windows XP version (there are reasons not to rely on it too much in any case).

  mick 47 23:22 23 Nov 2005

Dear Colleagues

Thank you for your prompt replies - I now understand .

Mick Cowan

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