Stand By Mode

  Ben Avery 12:32 16 Jul 2003


Just a quicky. Is it safe to shut a laptop down in stand by mode rather than doing a full shut down? Difference between boot up times is the obvious reason!


  Big Elf 12:39 16 Jul 2003

I hope so as that is what I've been doing with my 18 month old laptop since new.

  whatsupdoc 12:41 16 Jul 2003

ive been using standby all the time too.
all seems to be ok

  Ben Avery 12:42 16 Jul 2003

Does it run the battery down much overnight?

  Big Elf 12:59 16 Jul 2003

I generally keep mine plugged in all the time but I think it lasted about 3 days on battery power (Sony Vaio FX 405).

  Ben Avery 13:19 16 Jul 2003

Mine gets plugged in pretty much every weekday from 8.30-5.00 so should be ok. Maybe I'll just use Shut Down at the weekend from now on!

Thanks guys.


  Ankermi31 08:57 18 May 2005

Here I am again, this new system is stretching the imagination!
OS Windows XP
I have tried to set the stand by on the computer but each time it shuts off the computer entirely. I then have to switch the power back on.
I go Start>turn off computer>standby - get the blank screen, then "entering sleep mode" then it closes down.

Have also done log off>turn off computer>etc same thing happens

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