stand alone wireless backup hard draives?

  angus.mac 09:09 01 Mar 2007

I have a small wireless network at home and would like a wireless hard drive on the other side of the house to just to sit, hum and back up my C drive regularly... only prob is that the hard drive presumeably needs a CPU to connect to the network.

Anybody heard of anything like this?

  €dstowe 09:13 01 Mar 2007

Apart from all the problems of setting it up (some of which you have anticipated) I would not trust something as important as a backup to be transferred reliably over a wireless connection.

What is wrong with having your external hard drive near to the computer and connect it by a cable?

  Steve- 09:28 01 Mar 2007

Following on from the €dstowe post, wireless networks are also relatively slow which combined with the unreliability issue they are upset very easily by Microwave ovens, Dect phones neigbours networks etc. this makes them not very good for backing up on mass.
If you have a spare ethernet port on your wireless router try using a network drive such as the Netgear SC101 click here it will be available from any computer on your network.

  angus.mac 10:59 01 Mar 2007

Thanks - good points about wireless data reliability. I wanted it stand-alone so it is distant from my C drive, not directly connected and to reduce clutter and wires. Sounds like best option is a Netgear SC101 via ethernet cable. any advice on backup software?

  Steve- 11:09 01 Mar 2007

I use Ghost 10 and provided you set it to backup every day it works fine, I did have an issue with using the installation disk as an emergency boot which conficted with my Nvidia chipset, but that was sorted by a new Symantec Disk image download.

  €dstowe 11:11 01 Mar 2007

I have used Acronis for many years and it's got me out of many sticky situations.

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