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Stand Alone Free E-Mail Client

  Proclaimer 11:35 05 Dec 2014

I am looking for a free email client program to use as a front end for e-mail sending and receive for my local canoe club. My first thought was Outlook Express but that is no longer supported and I would prefer a client that is still supported and not web based.

Is there a free client out there that is easy to use and kept up to date from a security risk point of view?

I already have a domain name with IMAP and POP3 e-mail so I just need something that is better than the current web based e-mail client.


  Proclaimer 11:39 05 Dec 2014

...and I just remembered, the client need to be able to import csv files so that I can import the old address books to each users PC.

  lotvic 11:54 05 Dec 2014

I had always used Outlook Express on my old pc but on Window 7 I use Thunderbird, it is very customisable and I just imported everything, I find it easy to use.

  AroundAgain 12:04 05 Dec 2014

Yes, I like Thunderbird too. Very much like Outlook Express used to be but much more customisable, as Lotvic says.

Also, you should have Windows Live Mail, or can download for free. I'd still recommend Thunderbird, though.

You can download from here -

  Belatucadrus 17:20 05 Dec 2014

Snapfiles has a few to look over in its E-Mail software section.

Click Here

  Proclaimer 18:50 05 Dec 2014

This Thunderbird sounds good, does it have embedded advertising?

  alanrwood 11:15 06 Dec 2014

No embedded adverts in Thunderbird. It is a Mozilla program. Probably the best email client out there for most people. It supports pop or imac and multiple accounts

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