Stalling issues

  MrMofo 16:23 14 Feb 2007

I posted a month ago about program crashes, that i thought had been fixed but is now back.

My computer works fine until I load up a game (warcraft 3 TFT or counterstrike source mainly). The games launch fine but soon after they are running I hear a beep from my computer then after about 5 seconds it completely stalls and i have to reset it.

Things i have already tried...
-I have the latest drivers for my graphics card.
-I have defragmented my computer
-I went out and spent £40 on norton system works, and have used everything that has to offer eg, cleared my registry problems, 'optimised my pc', ran virus and spyware checks, and it hasnt found a thing wrong with my computer. (However it does tell me there are 29 missing files, but i dont know what programs they are missing from)
-I have tried starting the games in different compatability modes or in 256 colours
-I have also reinstalled directx

Please if you have any solution let me know as this problem is extremely frustrating

  skidzy 16:53 14 Feb 2007

1) Is the psu up to the job ?

2) Without researching the Games,is the Graphics card up to the job ?

3) Do you have any cooling for the graphics card,and are the fans clear of dust etc ?

4) Try the system file checker
Start/run and type sfc /scannow (note the space /)
Understanding sfc click here

Previous would also help,to rule out what you have already tried.

  skidzy 16:54 14 Feb 2007

Ooops,previous thread's link would help.

  MrMofo 17:34 14 Feb 2007

Can be found here

click here

The psu is 650

graphics card is a radeon 9800 pro 129mb and has been running the games fine for over a year, this issue has recently came up and has become frequent.

gonna try the scan now...

  skidzy 17:53 14 Feb 2007

After reading your previous,maybe you have a buggy updated driver.Quick search with Google seems to suggest its a common problem,however there are several threads mentioning trying the omega drivers and these are apparently recognised by ATI.
Do you still have the original driver disc,if so...i would uninstall the current drivers/run ccleaner click here and install the original drivers.
If the problem persists we can work from that...

  skidzy 17:55 14 Feb 2007

"after reading your previous Thread i meant to say"
Dont know if its me and my typing this evening Doh !

  MrMofo 19:12 14 Feb 2007

Right, Ive ran the sfc check...and i've just uninstalled the drivers, ran ccleaner and reinstalled the old drivers from the disc i got with the card...Just tried to run warcraft and it stalled just as usual...

One slight development, well piece of information, i've reinstalled warcraft to see if that would fix it, it hasnt, but now when i put the disc in and it auto runs it asks me if i want to install warcraft instead of play now. I can run the game from the shortcut (it will stall) but the disc asks me to instal...this has only happened since i reinstalled the game, dont know what it means but it's still stalling in the same way...

  skidzy 13:54 15 Feb 2007

Im inclined to think the graphics card may be faulty,if you have a spare or can borrow another...try that.
Also double check that the card is seated firmly.

Some of the threads ive read suggest a general pc cleanup.Defrag/disc cleanup/reduce the startup programs etc...
If you need help with any of these,let me know.

Someone with experience of this card may have some other options for you.

  MrMofo 20:08 15 Feb 2007

This is definitely a graphics card problem, as i just ran a simple test test from the ati catalyst centre program. I upped the test to maximum quality and it worked ok...I then moved it down to maximum performance and that cause my computer to stall just like normal...

Over the weekend I'm going to test another graphics card to see if it's the card or mother board, will let you know what goes down, thanks for the help!

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