billy the fish 20:02 20 Apr 2007

has anyone else had problems playin stalker???
when playing the game it freezes.i have an amd athlon 3400 64 pc with 1 g ram & a crucial x1300 video card....surley this is enough to play the latest games

  ulrich 20:06 20 Apr 2007

I am not sure what Graphics Card you have or the requirements of Stalker.

  billy the fish 20:07 20 Apr 2007

its an ati radeon

  billy the fish 20:08 20 Apr 2007

min requirment are fine also

  PP321 20:17 20 Apr 2007

freezes? do u mean the computer, or the game, can u exit and immediately restart the game?

Also your GFX card will JUST ABOUT run stalker with everything set to minimum.

It puts my 7900GTX card through its paces!

  billy the fish 20:30 20 Apr 2007

the game freezes & have to switch off the pc to restart.

  gudgulf 20:32 20 Apr 2007

What settings are you trying to run the game at?

Make sure you have HDR lighting turned off(in settings for video select "static lighting")......whilst your graphics card supports that,it is nowhere near powerful enough to run it.

There is a Tweak Guide for this game click here which should help you set the game up.

  billy the fish 20:37 20 Apr 2007

ok folks....thanks for your help.time to upgrade the graphics card

  citadel 21:10 20 Apr 2007

there is a patch out to fix various problems but you have to delete your saved games first. you definitly need a better graphics card for gaming

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