stack overflow ??????

  Magik ®© 14:48 11 Oct 2004

hi, could someone tell me what

stack overflow at line 65 .........means


  SANTOS7 14:53 11 Oct 2004

Stacks are reserved memory that programs use to process hardware events. A stack overflow occurs when there is not enough space in memory to run the hardware interrupt routines. To resolve these behaviors, you can modify the "STACKS=" line in the Config.sys file, eliminate terminate-and-stay-resident program (TSRs), and eliminate hardware conflicts.

When Windows delivers an error message that is related to an internal stack overflow, there is not enough space in memory either set aside or available to handle the calls that are made to the computer hardware

  Magik ®© 14:59 11 Oct 2004

hi, I have lost the plot, does it mean i have too many things connected to the laptop, i have external HDD, printer, scanner, and belkin hub.

or too many progs running...


  SANTOS7 15:01 11 Oct 2004

How much memory do you actually have?

  Magik ®© 15:14 11 Oct 2004

if we mean ram, it has 1GB


  SANTOS7 15:22 11 Oct 2004

rather dispells my theory that you were low on resourses when multi-tasking, i can,t get to technical, its a bit beyond me as well and i don't think changeing any virtual memory settings will have an effect....

  Magik ®© 15:24 11 Oct 2004

thanks for what you have told me.....a steep learning curve for me.......

  SANTOS7 15:29 11 Oct 2004

click here
click here some info here which may relate to your error message

  SANTOS7 15:33 11 Oct 2004

click here some more info here Magic but can't find anything related if you are running XP i hope these help,good luck..........

  Wak 16:03 11 Oct 2004

Hi, I also get the Stack overflow message but only when using the Sierra Print Artist program.
It only occurs in Print Artist when I change or try to reset the printer options or settings.
I've tried altering the STACK= setting in Config Sys. but it makes no difference.
I think the problem is inherent in the Sierra program
I get round the problem by altering the default settings of my printer before entering the Print Artist program and then it prints quite normally.
This problem never arises with any other program, only Sierra Print Artist.

  recap 16:06 11 Oct 2004

Like SANTOS7 has assumed, I am assuming you have XP. If this is the case take a look in your Event Viewer. An event may have been generated for this error and might give you a suggestion for resolving this problem?

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