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SSD wont boot because there is no space left

  Marjetica 17:17 25 Aug 2019

I Just came back from vacation and my PC wont start up. It Just sends me to bios. I noticed my SSD was completley full, maybe because when i left Windows did an update despite my SSD was almost full. When i go to bios and to Asus ez flash 2 utility it detects my normal disk (where i have my stuff) and SSD ( where i have my Windows). It says that all the files are on there,so i Guess that my SSD works fine. Does any 1 know how to fix this withaut doing a full reinstal since i also have some important files on my SSD. Ty.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:23 25 Aug 2019

what error message comes up?

put the ssd in a caddy or connect directly to another PC and remove some of the files (not windows files) to make space.

Then see if it will boot

  Marjetica 17:27 25 Aug 2019

No error it just sends me directly to bios. Y i intend to do that, its just i curently dont have any other PC with ne.

  Marjetica 17:56 25 Aug 2019

On a second inspection i noticed that my SSD is probably not being detected. When i boot,just before it forces me inside of bios,it says Adapter:1 disk Information:AHCI mode
and below this port 0: SATA: WDC (some numbers) 640 GB 3gb/s Port 1: SATA:sandisk milpitas SSD 0 MB 3 GB/s what does this mean?

  wee eddie 18:03 25 Aug 2019

I would be tempted to take a short cut.

Remove the SSD > Connect it to another PC > Transfer a load of files to another Hard Drive > Stick it back and see what happens

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