ssd queries , complete noob

  dan3535 16:55 31 May 2018

Hi , this is probably an easy one but I have very little knowledge of computers. I bought a new pc today , it said it had a 1tb hdd and a 128gb ssd , in This pc folder that shows what drives I have, I've got C which is 118 gb capacity , D which is the 1tb drive I mentioned and E which is recovery and thats 12.5 gb , where is the ssd as thats the one I wanted to install games on. Any help will be greatly appreciated

  Danw159 18:31 31 May 2018

Your C drive will be your SSD from what you said. It has got a recovery partition. This means that part of the SSD, from the numbers you gave, has been dedicated to the recovery files.

  dan3535 18:46 31 May 2018

Aah I see , thank you for that , I did wonder if it was c but as it was only about 118gb dismissed it. Thanks again

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:53 31 May 2018

Have a look in Disk management (right click start) and tell us waht is shown there?

usually disk 0 - containing 3 partitions system reserve (where the boot files are) with no drive letter C: drive with windows and Recovery (489Mb) where the repair tools are kept again no drive letter)

in your case the manufacturer has probably place the machines recovery drive containing and image of the operating system on your e drive on the same disk.

As you have a small SSD it may be better to move the User folders (which will hold all your phot0s music data etc. to the D drive and install any programs / apps to d (use the custom option when installing). This will then leave room to install your games to the c drive.

  KEITH 1955 19:46 31 May 2018

This is a lot for you to read but I like to help users where I can.

I don't want to confuse you with number crunching but the reason your 128gb drive only has 118gb usable is because how windows number crunches , 1024mb = 1 gb but if I am explaining this right , windows only works in 1000 so for every gb you loose 24mb. note to other users ….. I might not have explained that fully correct but loosing 24mb per gb is correct.

as you say you are new to pc I would not recommend moving folders to d drive in case you make a mistake..... no offence meant to you fruitbat.

I would also recommend you put all your games on D drive , when you are asked where you want to install something change the location letter c to d then carry on installation. If you don't see a tab telling you where something is going to be installed , choose the option to "custom install" then do the c to d change.

The reason I recommend doing this is because if you use the ssd for games it will soon fill up , example , according to my add/remove list GTA V is 72gb so , if you got that on your ssd you wont have much space left.

RECOVERY PARTITION... just in case you don't understand how it works , it contains all the relevant data for you to put your pc back to the day you bought it in case you have something happen that cant be fixed , the recovery console also contains copies of all preinstalled software that you can re-install if they get uninstalled or corrupted.

IMPORTANT if your pc does not bug you to make a set of recovery discs search the recovery console and make your own , this is a must because if you cant get to the desktop for whatever reason you wont be able to do a recovery , if you ever need to use the discs just turn your pc on and insert them.

  KEITH 1955 23:46 31 May 2018

thanks for feed back Daver , on what I said, I NEARLY got it right lol , I may be wrong again but I always thought e drive was automatically assigned to the dvd/cd drive ??? , anyway I stand by my comments about recovery and back up , nice to see you on here again , their seems to be a certain group of us around all the time who try to help people , like me you recognise the names …. bye for now

  Menzie 00:33 01 Jun 2018

As suggested, install the games on the D drive. I also have a 128GB SSD and with many PC games these days being north of 50GB, you can fill up a 128GB drive very quickly. Mine has no games on it but after a few updates and installations I wouldn't have the space to install some of the more modern games on it. Which is where my large D drive comes in.

  dan3535 09:47 01 Jun 2018

Hi,thanks a lot to everyone who took the time to reply,it can be time consuming so I appreciate it . I'll probably be back on here a lot as I really don't know much about computers lol , so be prepared for some jaw droppingly simple questions

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