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SSD Installation on Dimension 5100

  Procrastinus 15:49 09 Feb 2015

I am confused! I want to try a SSD on a Dell Dimension 5100 (yes, I know it is an antique!) with an Intel 945G Express chipset. There is no mention of ACHI in the BIOS. The Windows 7 Home Premium currently installed states that TRIM is currently installed and working on current normal HDD. The questions - 1. Do I need to install AHCI because I cannot seem to find a driver or will the operating system do it for me? and 2. Clone or fresh install onto the new SSD?

  BRYNIT 16:21 09 Feb 2015

You need to go into the BIOS to change settings from IDE to AHCI if you do not have this option then the motherboard is not compatible.

Due to the age of the computer you may find that the SSD drive will not perform as fast as you would expect due to the limitations of the Motherboard.

  BRYNIT 16:26 09 Feb 2015

Forgot to mention if you are able to change the settings in the BIOS the computer will not boot into windows. If you do a clean install of Windows 7 the AHCI drives are usually installed from the disk.

  Procrastinus 20:50 10 Feb 2015

Thanks BRYNIT.
Can I just run this by you? If the BIOS does not have an ACHI option, it does not matter because both ACHI and TRIM will be activated by the initial clean install of the OS, in this case Windows 7, as ACHI is necessary for TRIM to operate. Make sense to you; it is all rather new territory for me!

  BRYNIT 00:01 11 Feb 2015

No if the motherboard does not have AHCI it will only run in IDE mode and may reduce the speed of the SSD drive.

IMO if your Motherboard does not have ACHI it would be silly buying an SSD drive.

I have fitted an SSD drive to my computer with AHCI enabled in the BIOS and get a reasonable speed even though I only have SATA11 connections. When I tried with it set to IDE in the BIOS it was slower. I did buy a pci-e SATA111 card to try but found it reduced the speed of the SSD drive.

  Procrastinus 09:08 11 Feb 2015

Many thanks - will take your advice!

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