SSD and HDD password lock problem

  nznomad 14:04 12 Apr 2018

Hello, I have a little conundrum I hoped you could advise on? I have tried searching long and hard online for answers on this, but info I find only seems to apply to half my problem, but I am finding it hard to pinpoint which item is the cause...

I have an ASUS laptop with an M.2 ssd primary drive and 1TB HDD secondary. I have an HDD password set, but no bios password The PC crashed yesterday, and when I restarted, the HDD password prompt appeared as usual. However, whenever I type in my password, it says it is incorrect.

I pulled out the HDD, and powered on the PC with only the SSD. No password prompt appeared and it went straight into the bios. Reinserting the HDD resulted in the password prompt reappearing.

This is confusing because without the HDD, the computer should still boot off the SSD, but it doesn't. Just goes into the bios. (Although the bios sees the existence of the SSD)

Would the HDD password set in the bios lock both the SSD and the HDD, meaning that if the SSD primary drive died, it could take the secondary with it? I still know the password but it is not working, so maybe it is checking against the SSD?

I have tried to put the HDD in another machine, and nothing happens. It doesn't even prompt for a password or anything. It simply does not see the HDD. (although the bios recognises it's existence.

I'm just trying really to figure out whether it is the SSD or the HDD that's faulty, or whether both are now useless. If I replace the SSD and set the HDD password the same, will that make the HDD accessible again? If I know the HDD password, and the HDD is not faulty, how can I gain access to it again in another PC?

Any insight anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated.

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