SSD for Dell Vostro 430

  Peter Lanky 09:39 13 Dec 2012

I am trying to find out if anyone has tried to install a SSD on a Dell Vostro 430. I have tried to get some information out of Dell but blood from a stone would be easier.

I want to know if I can simply install a SSD and then reinstall Windows 7 Pro from my Dell disks, or whether Dell has hidden information on the original boot disk which is required for installation. I would have thought this to be a simple question for Dell to answer, but it seems not.

The recommended SSD from Crucial is a 128GB v4 @ £67.33.

  Peter Lanky 10:42 15 Dec 2012

That's useful thanks. What is the relevance of turning off Defrag? Does it suddenly kick in during installation?

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