SSC Utility in System Tray

  thumbscrew 23:56 30 Mar 2008

I've successfully removed several unwanted startup icons from my System Tray using both msconfig and the startup remover in Spybot. However, I have SSC Utility installed, which is a printer ink checker and cleaner.No matter how many times I untick it and reboot, as soon as I use it again it reappears in the tray and, somehow is back and reticked in the list. Can anyone advise?

  [email protected] 00:02 31 Mar 2008

Sorry havent got the utility,however is there an option within ssc, to turn off run at start up or similar?

  thumbscrew 00:35 31 Mar 2008

Thanks *Raven*, there's not that option in the configuration. It's like The Terminator...just keeps on coming at you!

  rabadubdub 01:01 31 Mar 2008

Best thing is to check the (printer?) manufacturer's website for the answer.

  rossgolf 01:05 31 Mar 2008

uninstall, reinstall, then if there is a option to run on boot while you are installing it, un-check it.

  rabadubdub 01:10 31 Mar 2008

..probably the utility manufacturer..
What is the point of having the utility though, if you're going to turn it off?
I personally don't believe in ink-checkers.. when the ink on the page starts getting lighter, you're running low. Manufacturers tell you to buy new ink after 1/3 is used just to panic you, helluva waste.
PCAdvisor did an excellent article on their practices a couple of years ago, so it may be on the site somewhere.
The printer's own software usually does the head cleaning, too, so I really don't get the point of this utility.

  thumbscrew 01:15 31 Mar 2008

Thanks all...rabadubdub, it's got the ability to clean the colours individually and also has a more accurate ink display than the Epson program.

  Chris the Ancient 09:30 31 Mar 2008

I use SSC as well.

There is that untick 'Start utility at Windows start up', as you say. I had never really noticed that it came on again if you used the utility.

My way is somewhat lazier. In the taskbar properties, I have set SSC to always hide and then call it whwn I need it.

Not the answer, but a way of avoiding the issue!

  jack 14:03 31 Mar 2008

The function of the program is such that the icon in the tray is the active part of the program- where as the panel the comes up on the desktop is the ink monitor, and printer selector.
So a right click on the icon in the sys tray will bring up the various reset/headclean/ ink freeze options.
Only an uninstall will there for remove it - which I am sure is not what you intend.

  dagbladet 14:11 31 Mar 2008


I have also used SSC which as you know is designed by a third party for use with Epson printers. Having a low spec PC, I only turned certain utilities on as and when I needed them as opposed to running on start-up. I achieved this with SSC by going to;

start>run>msconfig>startup tab>untick SSC

  thumbscrew 22:05 31 Mar 2008

Thanks each and Jack, that makes sense to me and explains it. Chris The Ancient it's only hidden but still consuming memory albeit not displayed.dagbledet,that won't remove it.

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