A-squared scan

  nikef 10:59 11 Apr 2006

The following suspicious objects were found
value hkey-local-machine\software\panicware\xa(1f56faa1-fc9c-1.....
these five were found it says remove selected objects..are these safe to remove many thanks

  Aargh 11:37 11 Apr 2006

Is it a virus/adware scan result - the files relate to whatever program 'panicware' is on your system.

Probably some junk you've downloaded. Create a system restore point before deleting and you'll be fine. Worst case is 'panicware' will not work properly afterwards.

  Aargh 11:40 11 Apr 2006

Panicware seems to be a downloadable popup blocking program

  sunny staines 11:48 11 Apr 2006

Ran A2 with latest update this morning nothing found.

  nikef 12:13 11 Apr 2006

thanks 4 replying,but i have not downloaded any pop up blockers,how do i create a system restore piont, i do not have panicware on my pc,the scan says its in the registry,also how come mcafee,spybot,spywareblaster,cwshredder,microsoft antispyware,ccleaner,adaware, did not pick these up

  Aargh 12:18 11 Apr 2006

Start>Control Panel>Performance & Maintenance>System Restore>Create a restore point

If you have not added any programs or made any system changes lately you may find a very recent restore point (date in bold) already created which you can restore to if you don't like the results of your changes when you delete the files.Depends how your system is set up for restre points to be created automatically.

  nikef 12:23 11 Apr 2006

have swopped email from oe to thunderbird in the last 2 days,could this be a false posotive as am not having any probs with my pc,i just cant see how mcafee failed to pick it up

  nikef 12:44 11 Apr 2006


  nikef 12:55 11 Apr 2006

thought so,in the early days of using pc advisor i took this panicware off the disk its from last year april 2005 issue 117,i remember now using the free popup blocker that pc advisor had put on disk,just found the disk and it is on it

  nikef 13:29 11 Apr 2006

just been to a-squared forum site,and yes it is a false posotive,the new update is picking up panicware pop up stopper as suspicious,panicware is safe to use and i trust pc advisor 100%

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