SQLITE tracking cookies

  Snrub 11:43 14 May 2012

I have just finished a malware check and McAfee, Malwarebytes show no threats. However, Superantispyware registered 66 threats of sites using SQLITE. I also use Abine.com Do Not Track Plus on my webrowsers. Why is Superantispware only picking up these tracking threats and when removed how can they be prevented from reocurring?

  Woolwell 13:12 14 May 2012

Do you use Firefox? If so these are probably harmless cookies.

  john bunyan 13:53 14 May 2012

I often find that SAS finds tracking cookies not found by MBAM, although only one or two. I use Abine DNT+, but also have Abine and Easylist in tracking protection. Have you enabled this in Tools,Safety, Tracking Protection? (I use IE9) It seems to really reduce the incidence.If you go this route you can select which tracking protection to have (I use Abine Standard Tracking Protection List and EasyPrivacy Tracking Protection List)

  john bunyan 13:57 14 May 2012

PS As Woolwell says these are likely to be from Firefox. Just Google SQLITE tracking cookies and you will see how to stop them if you wish.

  Snrub 14:16 14 May 2012

Woolwell I use Firefox occasionally. Googling SQLITE shows it seems to be Firefox related.

john bunyan Thanks I use IE9 and Tracking Protection was disabled so have enabled.

I deleted all 66 SQLITE tracking threats shown on Superantispyware and restarting the computer would not open any websites on any browser. I did a system restore but this did not work. I tried safemode with networking but just shutdowm and started normally but still came up with diagnose connection problem iedll.frame missing.

I did another safe boot/ system repair and system restore and still did not connect to websites. So I shut computer down and did a normal start and all back to normal after an hour of messing about! Will make me wary about using Superantispyware again but accept it could just be coincidental.

  john bunyan 15:02 14 May 2012

Hopefully a coincidence. I have never had problems with SAS. Hope the tracking protection works, do let us know in due course.

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