SQL DTS package automation

  cyberpharmacist 10:03 19 Dec 2003

Hi All,

I am trying to set up an automatic file conversion in sql server 2k using dts package importing csv files into a database. however, is there any way that i can browse through the directory and see what file is there via the dts package or some other means without having to write a script file?

this is because i have a new system depending on files from a legacy system, and the sql server would ideally check a particular directory every two minutes just to check if new files has arrived, and if so, is that in sequence.

many thanks.

Merrry Christmas to all!

  Taran 10:44 19 Dec 2003

Do you want to be able to visually browse the files ?

Savig a DTS package makes it drop dead easy to run file imports from CSV/Excel and similar file types and will create the destination table(s) if they don't already exist or you can manually name them and whatnot. You probably know this already.

The crucial point here is where you say you want to be able to browse those files though.

Can you confirm what you mean and how much information you want to be able to get from them when you browse them. You can get dedivcated CSV file browsers for archives of files of that type, and each archived folder has an indexed document with the file details in the archive folder listed for quick search. It's along the lines of an ASCII searchable file/folder system.

I'll be back later on and will look in on this to see if you've gained any ground on it.


  cyberpharmacist 11:13 19 Dec 2003

hi Taran,

thanks for your response. I am glad that someone is helping me...

anyway, I don't want to be physically browsing the file, as the legacy system is FTPing csv files into one directory, with different numbers, e.g., 18122003_001, 18122003_002, 18122003_003....18122003_999. The dts package will read the first file 18122003_001, then 18122003_002, and so on, automatically.

so i need the DTS be able to look into directory (in fact, i would like a directory for everyday, so <18122003>,<19122003>, <20122003>.... ) and then checks a table on the file and status of the last job, then work on the next one. I need this because i am going to keep the csv files for about a month before deleting it, and i need to run the dts package once every two minutes.

Hope i managed to explain a little better now.... many thanks!

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