spyware?things keep downloading onto my computer

  stu1901 14:26 12 Jun 2003

Hi, things keep downloading onto my computer, even when im not on any sites, but still online. My home page keeps changing, even after i change it back through tools then internet options, it automaically changes back.
something called trqutyiblup is at the top of my internet explorer menu. i can uncheck the bar, but cant delete it from my computer. i have searched for the name but it comes up with no results.
i have got Spybot but that doesnt come up with much.

What should i do?

  stu1901 14:28 12 Jun 2003

sorry about the multiple posts. when i sent the topic it said ULR can not be found so thought it didnt get sent through.

  woodchip 14:31 12 Jun 2003

Can you tick the other two

  -pops- 14:40 12 Jun 2003

Read my response before you tick;-))

  JoeC 14:41 12 Jun 2003
  Andsome 14:52 12 Jun 2003

click here

click here

Download and install them both. Then run a scan with Spybot search and destroy. Spyware blaster should then stop more spyware from downloading. Run a scan once a week with search and destroy, just to remove any odd program that spyblaster might miss. Don't whatever you do install Kazaa

  stu1901 14:56 12 Jun 2003

i have already installed kazaa. is that the problem?

  Jester2K II 15:03 12 Jun 2003

Kazaa is packed with Spyware!

  stu1901 15:05 12 Jun 2003

is kazaa light any better?

  stu1901 15:05 12 Jun 2003

is kazaa light any better?

  -pops- 15:09 12 Jun 2003

Kazaa lite may be better in itself but you are still exposing your machine to just as many nasties by using it and linking to other machines that may not have the lite version. All these undesirables are insidious and determined to get a hold in your computer. Don't let them - don't use either!

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