Radiofan 22:13 29 Mar 2006

Today I suddenly started getting warnings about virus infestation from a programme called SpywareQuake. I cannot recall ever having acquired it but when I looked in Add or Install Programmes, there it was. So I deleted it. Now, several hours later, I find that has installed itself again. Any idea how I can stop this nonsense?

  VoG II 22:15 29 Mar 2006

Run HJT click here and post your log on the malware removal forum (NOT HERE) click here - they will get you sorted.

  rmcqua 10:27 30 Mar 2006

It's a rather nasty piece of malware. What kind of anti-virus and anti-spyware protection were you using? When you have got rid of it, make sure you are adequately protected.

  Radiofan 11:09 30 Mar 2006

I am adequately protected. I just want to stop this wretched, unwanted programme installing itself on my computer. Please can somebody tell me - in simple terms - how I can do this?

  vinnyT 11:35 30 Mar 2006

This has a link to dload sw that claims to remove SpywareQuake, however, I cannot vouch for the sw (or the removal instructions) as I have not tried (or even dloaded) it. click here

There are lots of hits on google, try looking at some of these if the above dosn't work. click here

Hope this helps.

  rmcqua 11:40 30 Mar 2006

With respect, Radiofan, I don't think you can be adequately protected or you would not be experiencing this problem. I had the same issue on my son's PC and it took quite a bit of getting rid of. VoG's suggestion should give you a solution.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:15 30 Mar 2006

Spywarequake Removal
click here

  Radiofan 17:22 30 Mar 2006

Yes, rmcqua, I am sure VoG's suggestion is a good one - I simply didn't understand the programmes he pointed to me towards. All too often, they seem to suppose a greater experience with computers than I have. I just want someone to tell me IN SIMPLE TERMS how I can stop Spywarequake endlessly sending me warning messages and installing itself. I have Spyware Doctor, AVG and Ad-Aware but I cannot see how to target any of these programmes at Spywarequake. I would be pleased to ecieve e-mails as this would be, hopefully, a quicker solution. Sorry to sound a little testy but it's just an irritating situation.

  €dstowe 17:28 30 Mar 2006

When you do manage to rid yourself of this malware, prepare a backup of your system and keep it up to date.

By doing that you will be able, in a few minutes, to revert to your system as it was before this infection took place.

  beynac 17:36 30 Mar 2006

Unfortunately, SpywareQuake is an extremely nasty infection. There is no "simple" solution. I suggest that you get someone with more experience of computers to help you. I would recommend following VoG's suggestion, because then an expert at MalWare Removal will take you through each step needed to clean your computer. Alternatively, the link given by Fruit Bat /\0/\ offers very good advice on the removal process.

  Radiofan 21:32 30 Mar 2006

I have registered with Malware Removal which I hope will solve the problem. I am sorry to labour the point but there is little virtue in directing me to websites which I cannot then understand. I've been using computers for over 10 years but at a pretty basic level for word processing, database consctruction and spreadsheet facilities. But I am not an expert in curing problems of this kind.

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