Is SpywareBot Rouge Software?

  terrym 23:07 30 Jun 2007

I wanted to install Spybot software as my colleges recommended it as they had no issues with it. On searching for Spybot I got directed to SpywareBot which I had to pay for but I was not immediately aware of the misdirection until I ran the installed software. Have I done wrong and is SpywareBot safe?
Is it a serious Rouge bit of software and should I uninstall it?
All advice much appreciated.

  brundle 23:13 30 Jun 2007

Good list here ; click here

  Mac70 23:14 30 Jun 2007

It is a rogue software so yes uninstall. The real Spybot
click here

  rdave13 23:15 30 Jun 2007

Go to control panel and uninstall SpywareBot, this one? here
Run a reg cleaner then reboot.
Install this one, click here

  Quiet Life 11:45 01 Jul 2007

I was taken just like you but did not pay just wasted my time. The google reference to spywarebot is totally misleading and it implies it is to spybot s&d. In addition their webpage is incorrect as it state you can download a free version. (Not download for free). There was a link given on this forum to complain which I did and received the following reply .

"Thanks for reporting.
<click here>SpyWareBot is
already known to us.
We have given these informations to our lawyer and he is trying to do
something against this fraudly advertising.

Best regards
Team Spybot"

The spyware bot program would not uninstall without deleting registry entries.
I had previously used a-squared but a recent update had bugs and after scanning was unable to delete or quarantine. a-sqared have done nothing about fixing this program.
I then downloade spydoctor which is a free version and part of a Gogle package.
It came up with what a-squared had found but in addition one of these worms which report keystrokes back somewhere. I believe that his could only have been downloaded with the spyware bot program. As Mac 70 has said this is a rogue and perhaps very dangerous program.

  p;3 13:33 01 Jul 2007

click here= this is what a google search gives FOR spybot and the first link ( NOT in the sponsored links , but on the normal links beneath the ones in the yellow box on the left) goes TO spybot

so maybe MY question is...where did YOU look for spybot and have YOU got a bug on your comp that gave the misdirection?

  Mac70 14:10 01 Jul 2007

Im thinking he took the first option. My wife has a habit of clicking on those sponsored links for which I berate her.

  Quiet Life 15:22 01 Jul 2007

Yes I googled Spybot saw the Search and Destroy and took that site. Should have been more careful.

  aitch2 16:44 01 Jul 2007

Seems as if I too have fallen for this one. I've been using the Spyware.Bot for the last 5-6 weeks and picked it up off the Google search and it does seem to clear out the junk as well as allowing regular updates. It hasn't given me any cause for concern. However, I aslo use Adaware and Norton. Have I covered myself or am I still open to threat using from I will be uninstalling it but I have'nt noticed an increase in 'spam' or anything else untoward.

  skidzy 18:07 01 Jul 2007

just had Spyware Bot on friends comp,it was causing more pop ups and various IEXPLORE.exe running than anything else.Beware of this program.

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