SpywareBlaster and Word

  Graham ® 12:00 07 Oct 2004

Previously, when I opened SpywareBlaster, a Windows Installer appeared, preparing to instal RecordNow. I uninstalled RecordNow, but now it is 'Preparing to instal Word'.

I have re-installed Word SR1, but still happening. I have searched for Normal.dot, nothing found.

I have created a document template in Word, saved it as such, but still no Normal.dot.

Any ideas?

  Graham ® 12:59 07 Oct 2004

Forgot to say, already re-installed SpywareBlaster.

  Graham ® 13:55 07 Oct 2004

eScan found 4 items.

1) Terminator.exe

2) Jiti\Jiti_mm.exe

3) aolBack\comp01.000

4) Virgin\vnet.exe

All tagged as not-a-virus.

VoG™, Normal.dot not found in hidden files and folders.

  woodchip 14:29 07 Oct 2004

Why not repair Word. or look for the .dot on the Word CD

  Graham ® 14:40 07 Oct 2004

Thanks, Word already re-installed.

Action so far:

Terminator.exe is a valid hp program.

Jiti file deleted.

Aolback deleted.

Virgin file deleted.

Going to re-boot and do another scan.

  Graham ® 14:58 07 Oct 2004

Solved! I uninstalled Word from Add/Remove using CD. But it was still there and working! Must have been a phantom copy, SpywareBlaster must have been in the wrong place at the wrong time.

One for the notebook.

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