Spywareblaster update - again

  €dstow 18:40 12 Feb 2003

Another eight definitions today including four variants of lop.com


  VoG™ 18:44 12 Feb 2003

I can't believe the frequency with which these updates are appearing.

Thanks €d.

  Sir Radfordin™ 18:46 12 Feb 2003

Do we really need to be told about everyone??

Here is a little tip for people who are that paranoid that they have to have the latest update.

Get your windows task manager up and running. Create a task that repeats every X hours (do it every minute if you really want!) that launches any program you want to get updates for.

Personnaly I update as and when I can be bothered to use 'em (apart from NAV which looks after itself) and don't seem to have come to any harm yet.

  €dstow 19:01 12 Feb 2003

Sir R - I'm sorry this causes you so much distress and I did apologise about it yesterday and displayed some caution about these seemingly interminable posts. I also made the point that, as is my wont, I always put meaningful titles on my posts so it is immediately obvious what the subject matter is. That being the case, you can easily skip over any posts you don't wish to read, including these.

Of course, if PCA wish me to desist, I shall do so immediately but, as I have had no word from them about it so far, I shall continue to pass the information on as and when it comes along.


  Sir Radfordin™ 19:16 12 Feb 2003

I think 'distress' is taking things a bit far.

Just (IMHO) seems a tad pointless. Takes up server space etc. Also causes endless people to post a thanks so the thread grows in length and slows the site down (more requests to server etc)

The actual title given could've been a number of things. Much more helpful would be something like

Notification of XXX update on DATE at TIME.

Each time someone posts to a thread like this it pushes another one off the bottom. The more of these we have running the more chance a genuine cry for help type thread will be lost.

Unfortunatly if you don't do it no-doubt someone else will.

  cream. 19:20 12 Feb 2003

Thank you ed for the update news and also for the topic of ad-aware.

I did not have this, adaware, on my system but following the remarks in your post, I decided to download.

I thought my system was reasonably clean. It found 78 and has quarantined them.

I am by no means " paranoid ". I only installed AVG a few months ago of the PCA cover disk, before this I never bothered at all.

I think that these posts do two fold, it helps those who DO want the latest version and it informs those, like me, about what protection is out there.

So your post has benefited at the very least one person, ME and possibly countless others.

Please don't be put off. Any more worthwhile posts, on progs, that help users in the long term are always welcome.

  €dstow 08:09 13 Feb 2003

Will move this up once more and close.


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