Spywareblaster removing protection for Firefox ite

  MPN1A 18:21 08 Dec 2018

(Can't complete the title.)

Spywareblaster is removing protection from 234 Firefox items. This usually occurs at switch-on but occasionally doesn't happen at all.

This happens on two computers, one running W7 Home and one running W10 Home. Both are fully patched; both have latest Firefox (63.0.3); both have SWB 5.5.

I've tried starting and stopping various programs but I can't find any connection.

Anyone else seeing anything similar? Any ideas?

  Govan1x 19:25 08 Dec 2018

You either have delete cookies on shut down ticked or you are using private browsing mode.

I get the same problem as yourself. Sometimes it works sometimes it does not.

Option would be to untick both of those mentioned and see if it works ok. or try one at a time.

  MPN1A 18:50 09 Dec 2018

Thanks, both.

SWB is old hat but useful in conjunction with other software. This problem has happened only in the last few weeks.

I use an anti-miner but not that one.

I gave up on Malwarebytes after the free version twice carried out unrequested scans, put items in quarantine and restarted the computer without permission.

I use Bitdefender Traffic Light but not AV. I'll try disabling it tomorrow.

I always delete cookies but, as I said, this problem is relatively recent. However, I'll give it a try tomorrow.

I don't use private browsing.

  MPN1A 18:54 12 Dec 2018

That didn't work. I'll just live with it.

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