SpywareBlaster & Adaware

  GroupFC 12:32 19 May 2004

Couldn't see if these had been posted anywhere, but I have just got updates for both (admittedly both dated yseterday!).

SpywareBlaster added 21 items (now up to 2,942!) and Adaware OIR305.

I did try searching for what it's worth (surprisingly no result!) but didn't fancy trawling back through the pages so if you have tham already - apologies!

  Shas 12:37 19 May 2004

If they were, I for one hadn't seen them, so thank you.

  deke 12:47 19 May 2004

I almost missed them !!


  Lionheart ? 14:13 19 May 2004


  GroupFC 16:07 19 May 2004

You're all welcome!

  GaT7 16:15 19 May 2004

Thanks. G

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