Spyware with Zone Alarm and Norton Anti virus

  prykie 22:20 27 Jul 2004

I am running Zone Alarm Firewall (4.5) and Norton AV 2004. Is there a free spyware programme that will run reliably with them?

  stalion 22:22 27 Jul 2004

this stops spyware from entering your computer
click here

  prykie 22:34 27 Jul 2004

stalion, thanks for reply but my question was is there free spyware which won't upset my Zone Alarm and Norton AV.

  sgtdibble 22:39 27 Jul 2004

Hi prykie try adaware by lavasoft you can download it from click here it works with both.

  johnnyrocker 23:42 27 Jul 2004

none of those mentioned will upset your present outfit but add adaware and spybot plus spyware blaster to be somewhere near covered.


  rosyred 22:18 28 Jul 2004


  prykie 13:38 29 Jul 2004

rosyred - what's "bump"?

  TommyRed 14:23 29 Jul 2004

bump is just a word added to take your thread back to the top of the board if a member doesn't know the answer or to add it to the 'my postings'. I sometimes use it or ^, in fact you can pretty much use anything. TR

  PA28 14:28 29 Jul 2004

I have Norton AV and ZoneAlarm pro running under XP home with Spybot. No noted problems or conflicts. However I may change from Norton to AVG when my subscription expires - I have AVG at the office (own business) and it seems good - all the better for being free!

  stylehurst 14:30 29 Jul 2004

I use Zone Alarm 4.5, Norton AV 2003 Adaware & Spywareblaster together without any problems whatsoever.

  prykie 15:56 29 Jul 2004

Is there a difference between spyware and adaware? I mean, does Spybot only look for spyware and not adware?
Thanks to all who have replied to my other questions.

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