Spyware, trojans and keylogger

  Johny C 21:45 17 Jul 2004

Hi Guys and Gals

Well i have just done my weekly scan with all my programs and they have found lots of different programs runing on my system.

How often do you recommend i should scan my system with all these programs?

I dont go on any P2P programs or anything, so i am just wondering why i am being attacked. i have just got rid off another keylogger, how are they getting onto my system, i thought spyware blaster was meant to do this, but obviously not.

i only download attachments from friends and then i always scan them with NIC 2003. this is driving me daft.

any suggestions on how to stop these nasties getting onto my system


  Androcles 22:04 17 Jul 2004

Have you got Anti Virus running and a Firewall?
If not try,AVG free and Zone Alarm free.

  Johny C 22:11 17 Jul 2004

Yes i run norton internet security 2003 and its always kept up to date.

I also run spy sweeper, pest patrol, ad aware, spybot, cw shredder, stinger, avast

  spuds 22:15 17 Jul 2004

Install Adaware,Spybot, SpywareBlaster. They will solve most of your problems.

Also Androcles suggestion of ZA and AVG is well recommended.

Check for updates daily, and run the programmes daily, then you should have a nice running machine. Best of all,the above recommendations are free to download,update and run.

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  spuds 22:21 17 Jul 2004

My reply seems a little late.With that lot ,that you already installed, you should be fairly safe.

  THE TERMINATOR 02:39 18 Jul 2004

Sorry to say this JC but NIS 2004 is out now and this is why 2003 is not stopping the latest nasties.click here and click here and do a scan of your system then get NIS2004....TT

  Johny C 03:01 18 Jul 2004

Maybe your right but my current subscription doesnt run out till September, so i really down want to have to buy 2004 until my subscriptions come to an end. its no good buying a 12month update and binning it after 8 months life.

they still have regular live updates for the 2003 version, so i cant see it being that to be honest. but you never know you could be right

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