Spyware Stoppers-Where are they on June CD??

  loopy11 18:42 28 Apr 2005

On page 186 of June 2005 it says Spyware Stoppers are under Utilities on CD, but I have hunted everywhere on this CD and can I find Advanced Uninstaller and System Optimizer? No! Can anyone tell me where they are? Help!

  stuc100 18:47 28 Apr 2005

Under from the magazine. Spyware stoppers

  loopy11 18:56 28 Apr 2005

Ive tried that and it only lists 5 items and only gives the options to install, but not the utilities I want.
Any further suggestions?

  quack 19:02 28 Apr 2005

I think you will find that they are only on the DVD version. However you can download shareware copies of both if you go to their websites.

  Buchan 35 19:02 28 Apr 2005

Under Helpline you`ve got Ad-Aware and Spybot and the rest starts on page 90 in the mag. Cheers

  Buchan 35 19:04 28 Apr 2005

What utilities do you want?

  loopy11 19:35 28 Apr 2005

Ive found System Optimizer elsewhere on the net. Still looking for advanced Uninstaller, but all sites want $27!
As I cant find them on the disc I am giving up. But thanks to all who have tried to help me.

  Technotiger 19:39 28 Apr 2005

Hi, on page 186 PCA June 2005 - (On the Cover CD) Under the heading Spyware Stoppers Recommended Utilities. Advanced Uninstaller 4.0 and System Optimizer... so well hidden as to be non-existant.

Perhaps FE can throw some light on this.

As for all the Anti-everything downloads anyone may need then I suggest having a look at Downloads (in blue lettering) above and then at Privacy & Security. Enough there to keep anyone happy.


  loopy11 19:57 28 Apr 2005

Thanks for the links. Ive already had a quick look and cant find these programs, but I will have another look. Thanks.

You say they are well hidden on the CD - where did you find them?

What does FE stand for?

  Buchan 35 21:35 28 Apr 2005

I`ve had a look as well and couldn`t find it. I typed Advanced Uninstaler into Google and it came up with some answers, cost you though

  loopy11 21:46 28 Apr 2005

I think PC Advisor have boobed and omitted those utilities! Ive wasted enough time looking for them!!

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