Spyware removal programs for me to try?

  May the Schwarz be with you... 03:05 09 Jun 2003

Hi, I got broadband a month ago and I spend up to 10 hours a day on the net. Since I'm on this much, I have become aware that my PC is more vulnerable to harmful stuff. I have since installed Zonealarm to protect my PC from hackers and to also prevent stuff going out and Pop-Up stopper to reduce the amount of stuff that keeps popping up. So far so good but I am aware that there is also spyware. I like keeping private about what I do on the net and no-one else uses my PC so what programs would you recommend? I just want one that is easy to install and then configure without too many confusion about what's what. I also would like it to run quietly in the background if it needs to be on all the time and not interfere too much with what I do (like ZoneAlarm does). So then, any suggestions please?

PS. I did search for 'spyware' on the search thing but all I got were threads about Spywareblaster.

  AndySD 04:00 09 Jun 2003

I have been using AdAware for some time now with no problems click here

I assume you also have an Antivirus??

  -pops- 05:56 09 Jun 2003

Spybot S&D click here finds things that AdAware doesn't (and likewise, the other way round). Both require a periodic scan of the system.

SpywareBlaster prevents the nasties ever getting into your machine so, once you have cleared it, SpywareBlaster will keep it clean. You don't have to do anything with SpywareBlaster except check for updates occasionally. A companion to SpywareBlaster is SpywareGuard which you are told about on the SpywareBlaster pages.

Personally, I can't get on with ZoneAlarm and use Outpost click here and also AVG anti-virus click here

Finally in my armoury I use click here to prevent my home page being hijacked by undesirables and Mailwasher to sort out all the spam email for me click here

Hope that helps. (Note: they are all free!!!)

Oh yea, I also have Norton's Antivirus 2003 installed and scan all my drives appoximately every 2 weeks. I'm not that worried about spam as well because I only get a few pieces of crap a day and only takes a few seconds to delete. Is spam dangerous or just some harmless nuisance e-mails?

So is Spywareblaster similar to an antivirus program?

Since I use Norton's Antivirus, Pop-Up stopper, ZoneAlarm, which spyware will not conflict with them? I'm going to download Spywareblaster now and will report back. Cheers.

Hi, I just installed Ad-aware 6.0 and ran it straight away and found 78 files and then clicked on the next buttons to delete them. That's how you use this program right? Are files which are found all safe to delete or is it possible that deleting some files will cause problems with your PC?

  -pops- 18:47 09 Jun 2003

All files tha Adaware deletes should be quite safe to remove.

SpywareBlaster is distinctly different to an anti-virus program firstly in that it looks for spyware and not viruses. It does not conflict with A/V programs or those others you have.

I think you ought to do a virus scan far more often than every two weeks, especially when on broadband. I do a scan every day, which may be over the top but once a week is under the top (?!?). Have you set the A/V to scan emails as they are received (and sent out)?

Yea, I think it's set to scan because Outlook does say something about that when it sends out mail. Well, I guess I should try and scan for viruses every week to be safe. Reason I don't do it so often is because it takes up to half an hour to scan and I am a very lazy person. Well, I guess I am going to stick with Ad-aware then.

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