Spyware removal

  vejsnas 10:37 11 Apr 2005

Hello out there
I hope you may be able to advise me on this one.

I have just installed, Spybot S+D, Microsoft anti spyware, avg virus scanner and spyware blaster on my mothers PC as she suspected "something was wrong" never had a firewall or up to date virus scanner! Anyway ran them all and found two with MS scanner and thirteen with spybot, found four trojans with AVG, instructed the programs to remove the said items, restarted, ran all again and found the same two with the microsoft scanner, but nothing else, started in safemode third time ran again and found another trojan with AVG and the same two with MS antispy.
The problem is how do I remove the two that MS keeps
finding? names "E2give & Prutect"
OS Win 2000 all now updated, as this had not been done for two years either

  ACOLYTE 10:43 11 Apr 2005

After Antispy has finished running you should get a box pop up asking you what to do and giving you a threat avaluation report you should be able to remove them from there.

  vejsnas 10:48 11 Apr 2005

Thank you I was however aware of this and this does not unfortunatly not solve the problem. It keeps reinstating itself

  alnwrd 16:56 11 Apr 2005

try typing the two offenders names into google. There are many links to sites offering info/removal

  SANTOS7 17:00 11 Apr 2005

click here
click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:16 11 Apr 2005

You need to turn off system restore, rum antispy, turn system restore back on. The spyware is returning from there.


  Buchan 35 19:26 11 Apr 2005

You did`nt mention a firewall.Either the microsoft one or Zone Alarm are excellent. Wait for somebody who knows the URL and instal immediately

  vejsnas 21:28 11 Apr 2005

Buchanan 35, thanks got that ready to be installed, she will get one of those too.
Gandalf i will try your advise first as seems less complicated.
Santos7 seems very detailed, but perhaps slightly more difficult. this will be my backup plan

Thanks for you advise so far

  vejsnas 11:01 12 Apr 2005

Hello Guys

I have now tried your advice, but unfortunatly to no avail, I am tempted to reinstall windows, but before i do this does any one know if that will get rid of all the nasties?

  ChrisRLG 11:20 12 Apr 2005

If you post at one of these forum's experts for malware removal will be able to assist you in getting you clean.

click here (mine is on that list - and listed below.)

It is very rare for the need to reistall but when done should result in a clean system.

Do take the advise of this topic at my own forum for the sort of security programs that you need to have running. Get them downloaded BEFORE doing the reinstall, so you can install at least the AV and firewall before going on the internet.

click here

Nellie2 who does sometimes post here for malware removal and I both teach this at my forum (for free) click here

  vejsnas 11:41 13 Apr 2005

Finally, its gone have installed Ad-Aware and that has seemed to do the job.
My warmest regard to all of you out there who came with your support and suggestions, many thanks

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