spyware, malwer ect don't know whats true now

  Jade 14 G 19:27 18 Jun 2006

I know a lot of you helped me the last two days but its never ending.
Downloaded edwido it said it had deleted everything, didn't say anything about mailer.
Toay did a full AVG scan that was fine, can't do a squared yet till l get a key.
Then just did a full spywaredocter scan and the infected list went from 13, 29, 0, 29, finished at 32 and said it can't get rid of them till l pay for the full package as l am on a subscrition and its dangerous to leave it. Its now popping up messages about all this while l am typing this.
It says there ,addstats, atwola, gostats, toolbar that promotes spywarer and other stuff. Only toolbar is on firefox that l use.
Firewalls are fine. Have got to the point for the first time that l just don't want to use my pc, have more stuff on now and this is the first time l have ever had this and l scan regular.
One spyware you told me to try l have forgot the name but before anything could be done l had to have screen shot of one of the drives which l don't know how to, just don't know what to do next except slinging this out the window.

  SANTOS7 19:32 18 Jun 2006

If you have any way of backing up any files or docs that you want to keep, i think a fresh install might be the way to go.........

  gudgulf 19:47 18 Jun 2006

Have you got CCleaner click here

A regular clean with this will stop most problems.......many antimalware scanners will find things on your pc.Particularly the ones that require you to pay before they remove them.

The majority of files they will find are simply tracking cookies (such as addstats, which is harmless) or temporary internet files,which are often tagged up us "dangerous" spyware when they are in fact harm;ess "false positives".It's a tactic designed to part you from your cash.

CCleaner will remove all those files and cookies ( you could safely keep all cookies or set CCleaner to keep those you need ).

Try running CCleaner then scanning with SpywareDoctor.....see what happens.

  skidzy 19:47 18 Jun 2006

Jade 14 G

Jade you said you have been given help previously,sorry ive been away and missed the the previous thread.
Could you post the link to your previous thread.This way we will know what help you have received so far.

Meanwhile have you ran Spybot Sd and adaware click here

click here click here

These will help clean any obsolete registry paths that others may have missed.

  Jade 14 G 19:52 18 Jun 2006

That was what l was thinking but my- writer has not worked for ages but have bought a potable drive, 265 just a key ring one.
I have just been reading others with simular problems and it came up that you should switch systom restore off when your doing all this , is that true as mine is still on.
Forgot to say l did download Crapcleaner.
Are the few names of spywarer that l typed bad ones.
Am a worried about a doing a fresh install as have never done one and also l teach online, have two websites also if l didn't get all the classes of l would be earning no money , thats the worst part. do you think if l did pay spydocter they would get rid of them.

  Jade 14 G 20:13 18 Jun 2006

Thanks for help, will post a link to other posts, just a update, have ms spyware but its never found anything, adwarer same, avg, zone fire wall and spybot but this spy docter will not do anything till l pay , also download ewido on a two weeks trail and it cleared them all then got on to just scan just in case and everything fell out the sky again, well of to get the link

  Jade 14 G 20:35 18 Jun 2006

Sorry , l have tried to copy and paste the thread but its to long and aol won't put a link in, is there anything els l can do to help.

  SANTOS7 20:45 18 Jun 2006

click here

skidzy, here it is from the start, bit of a do'er,
Have to say format and clean install i think is the way to go then help jade 14 G with software to hopefully prevaent this happening again...

  Jade 14 G 21:02 18 Jun 2006

Yes did download cclearner yesterday but haven't got a icon or anything in start menu or anywere yet it download correct.
Were does it leave a icon normally,seem to have and do anything l can that you tell me but some don't go correct in the end, also if this is anything to do with it, while at ccleaner a pop came on withthe dreaded round red circle with the big cross in it, But should l switch system restore of before downloading things like l read today on this site.

  skidzy 21:06 18 Jun 2006

Thanks santos,i will have a read and post back in a bit.
Really does sound like a reinstall on the cards.

Jade 14 G

Just a quick question Jade before i read your previous thread,Have you downloaded anything like WINFIXER/SPYFALCON/SPYWARESTRIKE..etc
(Do not download these) ...
These are known rogue programs advertising themselves as a cure for similar problems that you have at the moment.
Once they have been downloaded they find problems and ask for you to pay to repair the problems.There are many like these on the net,before downloading anything,please ask on PCA first if you are not sure.

Now going to read the previous thread.

  gudgulf 21:07 18 Jun 2006

The best thing you can do is uninstall SpywareDoctor!

It is making you think you have a serious malware problem.....and you don't!!

If Ewido,Adaware,SpyBot S&D,Windows Defender dont find anything then you have nothing to worry about.Also with AVG and ZoneAlarm on the pc you are well protected against any true nasties.

When you visit a site on the web...such as this one you will get cookies.Some of which are ad tracking cookies,AOL certainly has an interest in which ads you click on and sets many such cookies.....all of them harmless.When you clear these away they are simply reinstalled when you next visit the site...all normal and necessay for the working of the web page.

Similarly many sites load things into the temporary internet files stored on your pc.Most are harmless and all are not needed on a permanent basis...so clear them with ccleaner.

For peace of mind you can disable and then reenable system restore.This will clear away all your old restore points and start a fresh set.From the things you mention in this and the last post I don't think that this is something you need to do though.Most of the "malware" you have mentioned are tracking cookies and the sort of scareware used to get you to buy a product rather than real nasies.

I doubt very much whether a reinstall from scratch is necessary........if you put SpywareDoctor on a fresh install of Windows with nothing other than AOL installed, and run only the Welcome page it would tell you you have a malware problem.

Get rid of it!

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