Spyware, Mal.. oh the lot

  dlguk 17:31 31 May 2005

I have been using 'Counterspy' for about a month, mostly all I get are cookies. Recently however some one on a PC connected to mine (via Netgear router)visited some XXX sites, since then both machines have been inundated with unwanted and seemingly hazardous junk.
Can anyone tell me if a port has been opened and what I can do about it. My Windows Firewall cannot even be accessed " do you want to start the Windows firewall/ICS" yes "Cannot start ICS".

Thank you in advance


  madPentium 17:52 31 May 2005

if you have a router why would you want internet connection sharing on a pc? there are sites u can do a free port test, just do a search in google

  VoG II 17:56 31 May 2005
  dlguk 21:58 31 May 2005

I have a netgear router with firewall plugged into the micro filter and the other pc is connected to the router, am I doing something wrong, madPentium????

I am getting rather desperate here, things are worse every time I bootup, Can anyone help. I have more task bars forced on and popups which I never got. Am I looking at a XP Pro reinstall? Any simple answers for a simple guy.


  dlguk 22:05 31 May 2005

but even if I did read all that I doubt if I would understand it and with all the stuff I am getting I am beginning to feel that these sites may be doing the same thing (if they are 'free', you get my drift?)

  Nellie2 22:48 31 May 2005

The link VoG gave you was for Shields UP, an excellent online tester for checking the vulnerability of your network sharing and general PC security.

If you want help getting rid of the spyware/malware on your computer then post a hijackthis log in the Malware Removal forum click here

  dlguk 09:51 01 Jun 2005

Shields Up has scanned my PC and of 1056 ports, all are found to be STEALTH. I will register with Malware removal and hope I manage to use it properly but as I have a few other little problems I am still thinking of a reformat (they are only minor irritations but this stuff is getting too much).

  EARLR 15:46 01 Jun 2005

Tried the test in your link, it found 2 open ports. How do I close them ?

  dlguk 19:00 01 Jun 2005

I am glad that my (evermounting) problem has been of help to someone. Ty VoG but the scan looked like a lawn, I am at a total loss. Counterspy just ran and apart from the odd cookie, 43 severe and hundreds of infected registry keys. What would your suggestion be?
no no a waste of a bullet :-)


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