Spyware guard 2008

  Bald Eagle 09:25 23 Dec 2008

Somehow picked up this little beggar yesterday and it was a nightmare! After some Googling I decided to try SuperAntiSpyware which I've used for years and it got rid of it with no problems. I'm posting this because most of the Google obtained advice involved either manual registry editing or the purchase of Spyware guard itself or other dodgy sounding removal programs. This may save someone out there from spending money for nothing or (if a numpty like me) causing untold damage by editing the registry!

  rawprawn 09:59 23 Dec 2008

Thank you for the info, I'm sure it will help someone.
Have a nice Christmas.

  Bald Eagle 10:27 23 Dec 2008

I was actually looking up some obscure references to Dadaism and broke my own self imposed rule of not going further than the first 30 references on Google. On number 48 I got numerous warnings of trojans which AVG dealt with admirably. Unfortunately this malware got past SpywareBlaster (up to date) and the next time I used the computer I'd got this rubbish on it.

  johndrew 10:34 23 Dec 2008


Did you try Ask (as in Ask Jeeves)? If not these may help click here

  Bald Eagle 16:45 23 Dec 2008

Thanks for the link johndrew will peruse the links later today.

  johndrew 16:17 26 Dec 2008

If you hover your mouse over the link click here you will be able to read the URL and type it in if you can`t use it directly. If it is not readable type in:
http:// www. superantispyware .com/ superantispyware. html?rid= 3596 without the spaces.

Failing that go to Trend Micro Housecall click here and do an online scan, or download the Damage Cleanup Engine click here and IPT file click here and run that.

Or if you prefer, you can delete the files, folders and registry keys shown click here and then run Ccleaner click here to remove any missed rubbish.

You should also turn off System Restore to clear any copies there (right click My Computer then left click System Restore tab, tick the Turn of System Restore box) - don`t forget to turn it back on when you are clean.

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