spyware ? girlfriend

  nikef 12:31 29 Apr 2007

hi all
just done a scan with norton spyware scan and it found

girlfriend- rat,whats this,is it dangerouse to my pc

i have quranteened it,is it safe in there or should i just delete thanks

  Kate B 12:46 29 Apr 2007

sorry, can you be a bit clearer on what it's found? And have you Googled it?

  nikef 12:54 29 Apr 2007

hi kate b

yes sorry

its bt online scan protection

it uses norton spyware scan

yes i googled it,it seems an old threat but not sure

i asked norton for more info on it,this is what it said

Alias: Backdoor.GF.13, Backdoor.GF.135.a

Threat Type: RAT

Risk Rating: MED

  MAJ 13:30 29 Apr 2007

A 'RAT' is a "Remote Administration Tool", but as Norton has quarantined it, you should be safe, especially if you have a firewall installled and active. You should be able to delete it from quarantine using Norton.

  nikef 13:35 29 Apr 2007

thanks MAJ

yes i have zonealarm installed
also have on my pc
spy-bot s/d
spyware blaster

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