spyware doctor and trojan dialler

  boo_hiss_boo 21:53 11 Aug 2004

Pleeeease help. I downloaded a registry cleaner from here a couple of days ago from one of my threads and today I have run spyware doctor which says the registry cleaner that I downloaded has 'C-Dilla' infection. The more I seem to try to protect myself, the worse state I am getting into.

I run a virus scan every day and I have taken advice from here over the last few days, but today aswell, I have Trojan Dialler.10.bc (which avg seems to have put into my virus vault)

Although I know viruses are bad, it is the worry that somebody can 'hack' into my pc and get passwords etc that really freaks me out.

any help would be greatly appreciated.

  VoG II 21:58 11 Aug 2004

Try running a² click here

If that doesn't work, post a HJT list click here

  boo_hiss_boo 22:20 11 Aug 2004


what do the links do? I don't want to appear rude or paranoid, but I seem to be downloading stuff and getting into more problems. Can you explain to me what they are, please.


  bertiecharlie 22:22 11 Aug 2004

Information about cdilla click here
from PestPatrol.

Some anti spyware programmes, for example, SpySweeper, class it as spyware, others, like PestPatrol, do not. (Even SpySweeper tells you to be careful about removing it as the programme it comes with may not function).

  boo_hiss_boo 22:41 11 Aug 2004


thanks for the link, I read the macrovision FAQ page and they GUARANTEE that no information is gathered or shared from the Cilla-d files. This makes me feel easier.

I think sometimes that I panic a bit about the info that I read and then download the protection, then I read something else, and I download that too.... I am sure I am becoming a computer hypochondriac!

  stalion 22:44 11 Aug 2004

if you are not sure check on here first before you download any new protection.Regards

  VoG II 22:48 11 Aug 2004

My first click here is to a virus/trojan scanner that is perfectly safe.

The second is a way to post a log of the stuff that is running on your 'puter. Harmless. But somebody (probably Nellie2) will sort you out.

  boo_hiss_boo 22:50 11 Aug 2004


yes, I will. I feel like I am a real pest though at the moment.


can I apologise to Vog, I didn't mean any offence to you by asking about the links. I am in the process of downloading the a2 link. Is this gonna be in place of any of what I have downloaded so far

zone alarm

(do I seem like I'm a little over anxious at all !?)

  stalion 22:53 11 Aug 2004

a2 does not replace any of the programs you already have you need them.Also you are not being a pest better safe than sorry.Regards

  stalion 22:58 11 Aug 2004

Also if you have not got this you need it.After download update.Ad-aware S E peronal
click here

  boo_hiss_boo 23:26 11 Aug 2004


downloaded the adaware link an so far up to 164 new critical objects

I will keep going and post a new thread if I need any help once the results come through


I really do hope I have not offended you..... If I have, I apologise :o))

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