Spyware doctor - hi-jacked?

  Bargee 09:19 25 Oct 2010


I recently had another 3rd party attack purporting to be an infection alert & scanning my PC. I immediately closed everything, dreading the worst. Last time, I couldn't launch any AV, Spyware etc. & even system restore wouldn't launch. I had to start in safe mode & then launch system restore to a point about 1 week prior to the attack & this enabled me to clean my PC.

This time, when I tried to launch my Spyware Doctor, it wouldn't launch without updating first, so I decided to ignore this, do a system restore as last time, but no change. I contacted Support at PC Tools & got an automated response. Now a week later, no further response & my PC Tools account shows no support tickets outstanding.

Has my Spyware Doctor been hi-jacked or am I being paranoid!?

Anyone else experienced similar?


  onthelimit 09:33 25 Oct 2010

I'd try running Malwarebytes and see what that comes up with.

  birdface 09:48 25 Oct 2010

Spyware Doctor would need to update since you restored your system back a week but you ignored the update.
Paranoid it may well be.

  Bargee 13:22 25 Oct 2010

Thanks onthelimit, I'll try that one, I've got a download for it.

buteman, the point with the update issue occurred before system restore. In the past I've still been able to launch Spyware Doctor whilst ignoring an update request, in this case ignoring the request refused to launch the program. Since system restore, I am able to launch the program & it has updated itself as an assigned task.

What is compounding my suspicions is the non response from Support with the apparent lack of my request appearing in my account on their site as "pending".

  961 13:38 25 Oct 2010

What many of these bugs do is to disable anti virus notifications so that you are not aware that the anti virus is not updating and you are not able to use the normal methods of getting support from your vendor

On top of that the bugs can sometimes reside in the system restore files, so that even if you find and remove one it recreates itself

Malwarebytes is a good way to go

  Bargee 12:46 26 Oct 2010

Just run Malwarebytes & all seems fine.

Guess I seem a little on the paranoid side - is that sirens I hear coming my way?

Thanks one & all who contributed,

  Bargee 11:51 22 Dec 2010

I think I now know what's been happening, so I've posted this for future forum searches.

When I used system restore, I usually chose a windows safe point for the restore & I think it is this that locks out Spyware Doctor as described above. I've used a Spyware Doctor restore point since & no problems arose, so maybe thats what I should use all the time. Perhaps this is a possible solution for other Spyware/Av software that might throw up similar problems. Worth a try I think.


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