Is Spyware Doctor good?

  hawthorn59 18:29 31 May 2009

Ive seen PC TOOLS Spyware Doctor highly recommended. Has anyone got it and whats your opinion? I did a free scan with it and got 140 minor infections. Should I pay for it or would adaware be as good?

I have Avira antivirus,and Windows Defender (which never seems to find anything..!)



  RobCharles1981 18:42 31 May 2009
  iqs 18:44 31 May 2009

Bought Spyware Doctor from PC World December for £2.99.

It works great,found infections other apps missed.But with all the real time monitoring running( which can be switched off),it really slowed down my PC to a crawl.

Uninstalled it the same day.

There are better free apps available that work just as well

  Belatucadrus 20:48 31 May 2009

Spyware Doctor is well regarded, but I like Spyware Terminator click here does the job and isn't going to cost anything. When installing don't include the optional ClamWin antivirus.

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