spyware catcher is its own adware

  covers 23:14 13 Dec 2005

I seem to have got some adware from (I believe) 'spyaxe' or'spycatcher'. Its put an icon in the tray that looks remarkably like the MS update 'world' & keeps puting a balloon up which is a link to its webpage. Worse, it will not allow me to access my homepage.It comes up 'dns404.net' I have changed my homepage to some obscure page at random so I can at least type my real home page in & get there.
I've tried loads of anti-spyware, none works on this. Help, I don't want to 'return to factory settings' as I've no idea how it will affect my internet access (broadband).

  VoG II 23:17 13 Dec 2005
  007al 23:18 13 Dec 2005

I use spycatcher with no problems.The only icon you should have for it,is a gold shield.

  Thurrafork 23:18 13 Dec 2005

I had this the other day too. Nothing seemed to help. In the end I did a system restore - fortunately I had a restore point just a couple of days earlier so it wasn't so drastic. Anyway, it worked, I now SEEM to be clear (you can never be sure) at least the irritating warning popup, and hijacked home page have gone. So, consider restoring, this does not wipe your saved data so is not as severe as returning to factory settings. (Hmm.. I'm assuming you have xp)

  mullins187 23:23 13 Dec 2005

there are alot of rouge spyware programs out there they can install them saelf or be installed by the user of the pc then the spyware programs put spyware/adware on the system and want you to pay them to remove it

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