spyware ,adware,trojans

  vinnyo123 01:44 13 Nov 2004

Another topic on this. How come once they get in it is almost impossible to get rid of them. My sons PC and numerous other PC's I have come accross has been infected by these annoying scripts. Examples..stubby.c, agent.as , intexp.a , backddor agent.2h ETC.
All these companies that claim they can help and others including me say this also. examples, spybot, ad-aware, trojan remover, cwshredder, hijack this, pccillan, avg ,nortan etc. But when it comes down to it once there in your done 95 % of the time we need to reformat and start over.

Well anyways I thought I like to here some comments on this, does anyone think different and combated these anoying scripts without having to reformat.

The companies and script writers should be caught and HUNG!!!!!!!

fustrated LOL.....

PS I believe putting up High security is a good thing to stop them from getting in because once there in your finished and the long proccess of t reformating is unavoidable.

Thanks in advance for any comments!!!!

  Gandalph 01:57 13 Nov 2004

The only comment I can make on this topic is that virii, Trojans and spy ware are being written faster than the anti spy ware and anti virus companies can put out fixes for the ones that are known. I use Spybot, CWshredder, and AVG 7 and have had adware in the past but have never had a Virus or Trojan, probably my famous last words.

I can only put this down to not opening emails that I have never requested or I don't recognise the name of the sender. My son used to use Kazaa until I pointed out the pitfalls in this type of software and he was always getting infected and having to reformat to get his HDD put right, then he eventually took off the software and has never been troubled since.

  vinnyo123 03:28 13 Nov 2004

Understood and agreed.My son is 11 and downloaded or played some free games off the net and let them all in.I must explain and teach him again and tighten security on his machine.

another Fromat job.

  Jackcoms 08:34 13 Nov 2004

Before reformatting try this:

Update all your scanner (AV and malware) definitions.

Turn OFF System Restore (but, note, that you'll lose all your restore points).

Now do full scans with all your scanners.

Turn Sys Restore back on.

By running scans with Sys Restore disabled, the scanners should pick up any nasties caught in memory between restore points.

  Andsome 08:38 13 Nov 2004

If you visit Windows Forum, there are some REAL experts at getting rid of this type of rubbish. You will be directed to a link to download a small program called 'highjack this', and do a scan. I have never know them to fail to clean up a computer. click here

  VoG II 09:01 13 Nov 2004

Yes, reformatting is unnecessary.

Latest version of HijackThis click here

Guide click here

You can post the log here and wait for Nellie2 to come along. You will need to post it in chunks because of the 800 word limit on this site. Also, double-space it.

  Nellie2 11:41 13 Nov 2004

I have to agree with Gandalf, the malware that plagues us is ever changing and is being constantly updated.

We are all very lucky that there are freely available programs and fixes out there on the net that can deal with the majority of these problems, but they will never be able to deal with all of them unfortunatley.

I would never give up and reformat, as Andsome and VoG have said, help is available if you are infected, there are a small bunch of people out there who volunteer their time and expertise to help others get their systems back.

You can take a few simple precautions to reduce the risk of infection click here for more information.

  vinnyo123 13:28 13 Nov 2004

Yes I agree wit all of you. It's nice that all these programs are out there but most of the time they do not fix , clean basically get rid off them. Yes alot of then will detect them but not clean them. As for system restore its on a Win ME machine.As for giving up probably yes I ran all these tools and tried to track each one down it is just rediculous these people should be PROSICUTED. Most of it is coming from free programs and web sites.These hackers should go after them and put there servers down.

Just venting hate spyware ,adware, trojans viruses, and so on !!!!!!!!!!

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