bob308w 06:17 13 Jan 2006

Having just run my spyware, I find that I have the following; Name; HotBar, Category; Adware, under recommendations, the spyware says; Removing some adware may disable software etc. What exactly is HotBar, and will removing it cause any problems?

  PaulB2005 07:38 13 Jan 2006

HotBar - click here

The reason is says "Removing some adware may disable software etc" is that some AdWare and SpyWare comes "bundled" with other programs, for example, a game or a P2P Program. You get the original program you wanted for free on the basis you also allow the AdWare / SpyWare on your PC too. It's designed so that if you remove the AdWare / SpyWare the original pogram will not work.

I would remove it.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 07:42 13 Jan 2006
  bob308w 08:48 13 Jan 2006

to you both once again for your assistance.

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