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  tony-guitar 00:16 03 Sep 2005

Hi there, I've just run a spyware check using Microsoft/ Ad-Aware and Spybot's utilities. Ad-Aware always shows up 'data miners'. What are they? Everything else was clear, however while watching the "Spybot" search i saw entries for: Tango, Cool Web Search, i search, spy shepherd and VX2. How is this possible? Microsoft always throws up a red box whenever these appear, and it should have removed them anyway. Any suggestions? Thanks

  Stuartli 00:18 03 Sep 2005

Most Data Miners, IIRC, are fairly minor problems although I do ensure that, on the rare occasion I come across one, that it is sent packing.

  woodchip 00:28 03 Sep 2005

They are phone home cookies

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