shandykid 18:31 12 Jul 2005

Hi all - i've been 'infected' with AURORA for the past three months. I cannot get rid of it. I've tried spybott and MS Antispyware (plus others!)....but it just keeps coming back. I'm on AOL and it seems to appearing as soon as I log onto MSN Messenger. Any advice appreciated (however radical) as I'm beginning to go crazy!
Many thanks in advance.

  Completealias 18:36 12 Jul 2005

Try downloading ccleaner click here stick to the windows tab and clear all that it finds. Disable system restore this will clear out all restore points but nasties can hide in there.

Rerun your scans but let them reboot in between scans it may be worth running them in safe mode. Have you tried a2 click here also run a scan with your anti virus apps as well.

If after you have run all the normal scans the problem still persists you will need to download hijack this and post a logfile to click here

  Luigimario5000 18:43 12 Jul 2005

Update all of your anti-spyware tools!
Trust me I had downloaded Spybot and cleared 15 entries, then I updated and cleared 180 + entries!

  Nellie2 19:31 12 Jul 2005

Hi shandykid... I'm afraid that fixing aurora/nail takes a little more than running CCleaner and spybot.

Could I suggest you have a look click here post a hijack log and someone will help you with it.

I would have a look here for you, but hijack logs don't post very well here

  andrew-196854 19:38 12 Jul 2005

this i supposed to get rid of it worth a try click here

  Nellie2 19:47 12 Jul 2005

Please don't download or install anything from that link. Direct Revenue/Abetterinternet are purveyors of spyware/malware... infact, Direct Revenue are behind Aurora. Here is a bit of information from Spyware Warrior click here

  andrew-196854 19:49 12 Jul 2005


  Nellie2 19:50 12 Jul 2005

No worries... you weren't to know! ;-)

  andrew-196854 19:52 12 Jul 2005

i know i should not say this but read it in another magazine thought it would be ok i guess not

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