Stowit 10:49 09 Jul 2004

My Pc has started trying to send an email, I get a warning message 'A program is trying to send an email....' I've run an antivirus to no avail, I assume it's some spyware. I downloaded a 'Spyremover' that wont remove what its found without upgrading. Before I buy are there any alternatives. How can I manualy remove these things?

  Graham ® 10:57 09 Jul 2004

Ad-aware from click here

Spybot from click here

Spywareblaster from click here

  spuds 11:52 09 Jul 2004

Download and use the one's Graham as suggested. Make sure that you check for updates on a regular basis. You could also run Stinger click here as a back-up check.

  Stowit 16:27 09 Jul 2004

Sorry, sports day issue! Well I've tried Adware spy-bot & stinger, for some reason I can't download Spyware blaster, But I'm still getting the message poping up every 30 sec or so 'A program is trying to send the following email message on your behalf: to SMPT - then my email subject Re: - then would you like to send with boxes for send & do not send' I haven't but cant check my mail as send recieve will pressumably send this email.......... Help, please!

  Stowit 17:04 09 Jul 2004

Well thanks for the help chaps, I did manage to get Spyware blaster eventualy, but it too made no difference. However being a newcomer to Win XP I'd not thought of 'restore'-not knowing what it would do. I thought I'd try & it's worked, but seems to have removed all the downloaded programs. I'm just about to re-aquire one to try to prevent these nastys from doing it all over again.Thanks again

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