rotormota 21:46 26 Apr 2004

I downloaded an apparently very useful program from a company called MyWay. The software enables email enhancement, additional IE toolbar & customisable homepage amongst other things.

However, a spyware scan has detected it as a dangerous programme. Is this valid? Anyone else had a similar experience?


  VoG II 21:50 26 Apr 2004
  rotormota 22:06 26 Apr 2004

Thanks for that. Interestingly I mailed MyWay about the fact that their programme had been declared dangerous & they did indeed send a very comprehensive response concerning privacy issues.

Also, the spyware scan provided further information about MyWay being connected with another .com company who wrote & spread the Aournum parasite. Although they responded to the privacy issue almost immediately, they did not provide any answer to the parasite matter & have not to date even when prompted with another email.

Do you think I should uninstall the whole programme including all the email enhancements etc.?

Many thanks.

  VoG II 22:09 26 Apr 2004

As it doesn't appear malicious and if you like it's features you could keep it. It seems pretty easy to remove if it subsequently misbehaves or if you get fed up with it.

  rotormota 22:16 26 Apr 2004

Thanks V again. It does have some very useful features including the customisable homepage & I opted for one of their customised cursors. But a company linked with parasites....is it wise to have their software? I mean could this cursor be logging all my movements & sending information? Is that Aournum parasite actually dangerous?

Are there any other parasite free (so to speak) downloads for the same thing that one cqan have peace of mind about?

Cheers again.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:53 26 Apr 2004

Do not get too paranoid. If the programme is useful, use it. All the 'spyware' does is to report your web meanderings ANONYMOUSLY. It is no great deal and you, as an individual, are not important. Your ISP keeps your emails for 6 years so again this is no great shakes. If something is free there usually is some sort of payback.

click here is the most ridiculously uber paranoid and anal site I have ever seen....I despair.


  end 22:59 26 Apr 2004

excuse my butting in, but since when do ISP"s keep your e mails for 6 years??I THOUGHT that "once they were chucked , they were chucked" and end of story...or have I "misinterpreded" ..

  byfordr 23:23 26 Apr 2004

nope, fully tracked...

click here

Amongst others...talk for over 5 year retention. To be fair type anything naughty into a email BUSH BOMB LARGE PAYLOAD IN HIS BUTT (not necessarily those words or it that sequence and I'm sure M15, CIA, FBI, Warrington WI and McDonalds pick it up instantaneously) Semaphore the way forward?

All your email "are belong to us"


  GANDALF <|:-)> 07:26 27 Apr 2004

ISPs keep a server copy of your emails even though you may have deleted the ones on your computer. If you have been up to anything naughty consider yourself stuffed and wait for the men in suits to give you a royal shoeing.

'All your email "are belong to us"' LOL


  end 14:18 27 Apr 2004

on that basis then someone, somewhere, has to have a computer system with one hell of a large memery to retain that lot...the mind boggles as to the size of the "memory" oF it....judging by th growing traffic IN electronics, thats an awful LOT OF it....and semaphore, perhaps even WORSE;"you waived the white flags around and, we saw you, GOCHA!!! , get out of THAT!"..."please sir, the gust of wind (from the spy rocket going up )blew them"...

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