rotormota 18:32 15 Oct 2004

I have used Adaware & Spybot for some time now but recently tried Spysweeper. Frankly it seems to be streets ahead of the competition finding all sorts of beasties which the others never noticed.

Anyone else think the same?


  holly polly 19:23 15 Oct 2004

Basically i've got and run all three ,spysweeper has the added protection of stopping spyware being planted on your system as it is running all the time ,also protects your browser any new web pages added to my favourites have to be verified by spy sweeper ,both spybot and adaware are just scanning programs -though they are very effective spysweeper the other day found a back door trojan that spybot adaware and norton anti virus missed ,so I suppose the only answer applicable is ,if it serves a purpose then its got to be right-regards and greetings -Hol Pol....

  bertiecharlie 19:26 15 Oct 2004

SpwSweeper is okay. It did pretty well in a series of test recently carried out by Eric Howes click here

I wouldn't really agree that its streets ahead of other applications, however. You really need to have a number of anti-spyware programmes on your computer rather than just one. Adaware, Spybot and SpywareBlaster provide a good breadth of protection.

I've got SpySweeper, in addition to the above, so I am not knocking it, but one anti-spyware application on its own won't do the job.

  Tenacious Green 19:40 15 Oct 2004

Well, looking at those results I have to say I'm a little disappointed in Spybot's performance if the results are a true representation of performance. I think I will be adding Spysweeper to my current spy/ad/mal ware applications. One concern though will spysweeper conflict with spyware blaster as they both run in the background at the same time?
I must say Spysweeper was used by my mate to assist in the removal of Ebates moneymaker which caused him loads of trouble!

  stalion 19:43 15 Oct 2004

nothing should conflict with spywareblaster because it does not run in the background it has a registry combination that prevents spyware from entering your computer

  Tenacious Green 19:46 15 Oct 2004

Many thanks, I didn't realise that's how spyware blaster worked.

  stalion 19:47 15 Oct 2004

your welcome

  rotormota 20:48 15 Oct 2004

All I know is that SpySweeper on the first scan found a couple of rather ugly applications including a keystroke monitor. AA & SB only seem to find cookies.

Spysweeper is also much more user friendly I find.


  VoG II 20:50 15 Oct 2004

Try a² click here

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