spybots deleted my error nuker prog!Is it spyware?

  wots it all about 10:50 22 Jun 2005

I had a paid for sub to Trek Blue's Error Nuker, and now it seems to have disappeared! I remember seeing a reference to Trek Blue in the Spybot problems list but didnt really pay attention and just hit the fix button. So, is Error Nuker spyware filled does any one know? This has only just happened, I have been using it for months.

  Belatucadrus 12:10 22 Jun 2005

click here Trek Blue and Patrick M. Kolla at Spybot have issues.

  VoG II 12:12 22 Jun 2005
  wots it all about 22:03 22 Jun 2005

Hello and thank you both for that info. My programme is Error Nuker by Trek Blue, rather than Spyware Nuker. Does that make any difference? I suppose if the company (Trek Blue) are suspect, then any programme they put out is liable to be suspect too?

  wots it all about 13:36 25 Jun 2005


  gudgulf 14:17 25 Jun 2005

Seems like Error Nuker was added to the Spybot S&D's malware list with the June 10th update click here
although I can't find any reason why it's been added other than the issues in the link from Belatucadrus.

You will have to reinstall the program or restore it from Spybots backups.You will also need to add Error Nuker to Spybots ignore list in Advanced Mode>Settings>ignore list.......it's listed as Trek Blue Error Nuker(and categorised as malware).

  wots it all about 22:54 30 Jun 2005

Thank you for that, I have reinstated it from back ups, and added it to the ignore list as you advised. Many thanks!

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