Spybot update - cannot!!

  badgery 10:20 17 Jun 2006

Tried to update Spybot three times this morning, each time "bad checksum", used different downloads from the list each time, but still no joy!
Anyone else had problems and have a 'fix'??

  EARLR 10:26 17 Jun 2006

I almost always have that problem. Have been told that it's because the server is busy.
Good luck

  Splodge 10:29 17 Jun 2006

The reason is, every teenager in Europe is updating his/her Spybot on Saturday!

Try it Friday or Sunday and keep trying till the server is not so busy.

Simple huh!

  badgery 10:51 17 Jun 2006

You're probably correct, guys, damn those pesky teenagers - isn't it enough to be young? Can't they 'get a life' and leave us old codgers to it?
Ho Hum.

  Jackcoms 11:45 17 Jun 2006


Teenagers that are wise enough to have anti-malware protection???

Now, there's a revelation. ;-))

  badgery 11:55 17 Jun 2006

Couldn't all teenagers take a 'Gap Year' or maybe two (are they mistaking 'anti-malware' for anti-malaria')!? Why are they not outside playing with the traffic?
Anyway, I finally slipped past their defences at the 6th attempt and got the update.

  jimv7 13:11 17 Jun 2006

I always download from 'safer networking #2(europe)'

accessed from the drop down menu, and have never had a problem.

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