Spybot Update Available.

  rawprawn 10:54 01 Apr 2006

Fairly large one, 1657 bad products to be blocked so immunise.

  VoG II 10:56 01 Apr 2006


  jimv7 11:25 01 Apr 2006

No, you won by 3 secs, lol

  ACOLYTE 11:38 01 Apr 2006

Did yours restart after the update with a dos box onscreen?
Just asking cos mine did,and thx)

  rawprawn 11:41 01 Apr 2006

Yes, I don't know why except that it must have been writting something to DOS but I was too slow to see what.

  ACOLYTE 12:03 01 Apr 2006

Ok,thx rawprawn,i didnt catch what it said either,lol.

  J B 12:37 01 Apr 2006

Mine did, but I had a bad checksum and had to re-download. J.B.

  sunny staines 14:01 01 Apr 2006


  big bloke66 21:01 01 Apr 2006


  rdave13 22:04 01 Apr 2006

Updated, restarted after dos box and nothing to immunise?

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