Spybot update available

  rawprawn 08:49 05 Nov 2005

Good morning, sorry if you have had it before.

  Splork 09:00 05 Nov 2005

Cheers for that.

  joseph K 12:37 05 Nov 2005

Don't need it, running Suse Linux 9.3

  PaulB2005 12:40 05 Nov 2005

Cheers rawprawn. i did see it yesterday but forgot to actually download it. Thanks for the reminder.

joseph k - yeah. We know....

  Mat2 16:19 05 Nov 2005

Cheers rawprawn, many thanks

  rawprawn 16:29 05 Nov 2005

Then why post ??

  Mr Mistoffelees 16:45 05 Nov 2005

Every time you run any anti-spware/adware program you should be checking for updates as a matter of course. It is not wise to wait for someone to alert you to the availability of updates on this, or any other, forum. Sorry if this seems a bit terse, but I think this is something we should all remember.

  PaulB2005 16:47 05 Nov 2005

True but some updates are irregular and if you know an update has come out you can grab it and run the scan straight away rather than wait until you next run a scan.

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